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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  October 5, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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park on wednesday. hopefully the beginning of something special for the nats. >> i hope so. let's keep it going. your fox 5 morning news continues right now. continues right now. coming up on 5:00 here on this friday. what a way to end friday -- end the week rather, folks. very nice outside as you step out. it will continue on throughout the day. i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm wisdom martin. welcome to fox 5 morning news. time now to bring in tucker barnes. >> got the jacket on. got cool outside. jacket weather here to stay. later today, our temperatures are going to warm up near 80. we are a little cool at the moment. >> oh, yeah, we are. not too cool though. >> we like to keep it cool but not too cool. >> just right for us. >> exactly. look how quiet it is. the front from yesterday is now south and east of us. but focused north and west up towards detroit. see the cloud cover?
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that is our next front. that will bring us a real cooldown for the second half of the weekend. good-hook forecast for your friday. reagan national right now, 64. look at dulles, 54. it is only 5:00 a.m., we'll probably lose a few additional degrees here and bottom out in the low 60s in town. forecast highs later today, we'll go 81 in washington. 82 in quantico. just a perfect afternoon, just a few clouds with lower humidity. >> so it won't be the 1r0 that we used to feel in the summer with all the humidity that would think was 90. >> exactly. >> a comfortable 80. >> the kind of 80 you will like. -- so it won't be the 80s that we used to feel in the summer with all the humidity that you would think was 90. >> on the roads, we know there
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is a portion of glebe roadblocked off near route 1. dpleeb road is shut down between joyce and hay street in arlington due to a utility pole that was struck there. -- glebe road is shut down between joyce and hay street. we'll keep an eye on that. 395 at glebe road looks pretty good notch problems to report as you travel north from landmark. southbound 270 on the good side coming from 109 headed out to clarksburg. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. on-timetraffic. we are following some breaking news right now from israel where police say an american tourist has opened fire ate hotel killing at least one person. this is happening in the resort city of elat. the suspect is still inside the hotel near the red sea. we'll bring you updates on this story as soon as we get them. a
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virginia is front and center if the presidential race. president obama will be in northern virginia this morning. he is speaking to students at george mason university. his campaign says the president will talk about the choice facing voter between two fundamentally different visions of how to grow the economy. mitt romney is back in the commonwealth this morning. he and his running mate paul ryan were at an event in the shenandoah valley. he is looking to build momentum after the debate. a health alert now about a rare form of meningitis. officials say it has now spread to six states killing five people including one each in maryland and virginia. 35 cases have been reported across the country of fungal meningitis. doctors say it taxed the lining of the brain and the spinal cord. all of the infected patients
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received steroid injections to treat back pain. doctors suggest the steroid was likely contaminated and say it is not contagious. >> you are going to see a spike perhaps in more cases in the next few more days but ultimately, it will subside. >> it is very important for your listening audience to know that this meningitis is not transmissible person to person. >> symptoms include nausea, dizziness, fever and severe headaches. other local headlines right now. in northwest d.c., four people including one firefighter are recovering after a fire on k street. one person had to jump from a window and is in serious condition right now. the injured firefighter is expected to be okay. no word on what caused that fire. a popular shortcut to the fort totten metro station has become the focus now of improving safety in the area. a string of robberies at gunpoint on the path are causing some concern. police say the most recent robberies occurred in broad
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daylight. several council members are working with transit and park police to come up with safe solutions such as more lighting and a paved path. police are asking residents in fairfax county to be on the lookout. there is a serial fondler on the loose targeting women in the springfield area. sherry ly is live. she joins is now with details on this story. >> reporter: good morning. this serial fondler strikes any time, morning, midday and at night. the latest case was here in this springfield neighborhood on hibling avenue. he has victimized at least five women and girls so far, possibly more. police released the sketch base on the victim's descriptions. he is in his 30s with dark eyes and a feetly trimmed beard. since september 7th, police say the suspect has fondled five people, usually approaching from behind. he gropes them and then runs away. it has happened at three different locations all in the springfield avenue on hibling
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avenue, metropolitan center drive and erving street. a fisk victim just came forward after police released information on the case and police want to get him off the streets. >> he hasn't shown any signs of stopping. so that is the concern is that you have somebody out there who is doing something that is invasive, that is upsetting and concerning to women. >> reporter: now, the victims have ranged in age from 15 years old to 40 years old. they say the suspect doesn't say anything to them. the most recent case reported was also right here on this street just three days ago. that is the latest here in springfield. back to you. >> thank you. this week mark 10 years sin the beginning of the sniper attacks that terrorized the d.c. area. last night, well wishs are gathered in gaithersburg to honor the victims. one by one, stories were told of each victim and what they were doing before they were gunned down. ten people were killed and three others hurt during that shooting spree.
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here is a question for you. how safe is your car. coming up next, we'll tell you which cars got the top marks in the late crash test. the american idol cat fight. new details in this verbal meltdown between nicki minaj and mariah carey and some ugly allegations. [ kreg smith ] i'm third generation military. i served in the army, two tours over there. when i got back from iraq, i was searching for new jobs. [ lionel hamilton ] veterans make great employees, because you know they've already got expertise
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and they've got job skills instilled in them from the military. [ kreg smith ] what i've learned, being deployed overseas, is a high sense of adaptability, leadership skills, and teamwork. [ lionel hamilton ] ge doesn't hire veterans because they're veterans. we hire veterans because they're extremely qualified.
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according to an independent, non-partisan study, barack obama and the liberals will raise taxes on the middle class by $4,000. the same organization says the plan from mitt romney and common sense conservatives is "not a tax hike on the middle class." want proof? read the non-partisan study for yourself at obama and his liberal allies? we can't afford four more years. i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.
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fallout from the trayvon martin shooting case. george zimmerman is reportedly considering a defamation lawsuit against nbc. a phone call was edited to emphasize his mention of martin as a black male. new details are coming out about the cat fight between nicki minaj and mariah carey. screaming match was caught on tape. carey appearing on the view claims minaj threatened to shoot her after the argument. carey says she is ordering
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extra security just in case. >> she will have the security at american idol. >> this will be a circus. >> but people will be watching. >> if you are in the market for a safe new car, we have the latest crash test results. the dodge dart, the hyundai santa fe, the lexus es350 and subaru xv cross trek are tops in the crash test rating. each vehicle performed well in the crash test evaluating front, side and rare impacts as well as rollovers. these giant question marks will be popping up around town. i'll tell you why coming up. >> we're off to a cool start. temperatures overnight falling into the 50s and low 60s. should be a beautiful friday for you. i'll have all the details on the weather forecast and julie wright will have the details on
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welcome back. welcome back. welcome back. welcome back. that's a song. happy friday, everyone. a live look outside at reagan national airport. >> i know you are going to be flying around today. it should be pretty good
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weather. >> around here, looking at sunshine and high temperatures about 80 degrees. >> is it going to be nice where air going? >> yeah. it will be fine. >> you don't have to tell us where. >> i'm going for the weekend. i'll be back. >> be sure you come back. don't be late. >> i night could be. you know how that goes. right now, we are in the low 60s at 64 officially now at reagan national. lots of 50s breaking out across the region. much more comfortable air has moved in late yesterday afternoon. now, 55 in leonardtown. less humidity and the cooler temperatures across the region. lots of clear skies out there at the moment. 56 this morning in hagerstown. and 54 in gaithersburg so again, very comfortable start to your day. today will be one of those days we look forward to year round here. lots of sunshine.
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very quiet weather pattern for the end of the week. our front from yesterday, far enough south and east that we have clear skies. a few clouds across the lower eastern shore. see the rain showers now east of chicago? that is our next cold front. that will get in here later tomorrow, i think late tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night and bring us the possibility of a few showers. but what it is really going to do is bring some much cool are air for the end of the weekend. late day showers back in the forecast. not today. this is tomorrow. as that front comes through, look out. we'll have some hints of wintertime around here by sunday. it will feel noticeably cooler during the day on sunday as that big dome of very cool air sets in and we get a the area of low pressure riding along this frontal system. so some chilly showers around here. we have boat shows in annapolis, red skip game sunday afternoon out at fedex field. it will be very chilly around here with temperatures only in
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the 50s. high temperatures in the 50s on sunday. clear and cool overnight. 62 the overnight low. here is your accu-weather seven- day forecast. again, focus on today and tomorrow with temperatures in the 70s and 80s. then look out. mid- to upper 50s around here on sunday. only near 60 on monday. we'll have some 30s i think outside the beltway early monday morning. that is a look at weather. let's do some traffic and get the latest from julie wright. >> brrr! oh, my gosh. i go from having the ac on one day to having the heat on the next. >> our lanes are open on our major arteries. talking about glebe road, there was an earlier incident where a utility pole was knocked over. there were wires knocked down as well. southbound, they are hoping to get the roadway reopened at joyce and hay street by 6:00 a.m. travel northbound, it probably
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won't be open until lunchtime today. southbound, fingers crossed, they get the lanes open by 6:00 a.a .m. here is southbound 270 coming in out of germantown. so far, so good. we were checking for accident activity reported near 124. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. -timetraffic. >> thank you. a commuter alert for metro riders. more weekend track work. red line trains will be single tracking between judiciary square and fort totten. orange line trains will single track between stadium armory and cheverly. that could add 20 minutes to your commute and the work will continue through the columbus day holiday on monday. normal service will resume on tuesday. the smithsonian is doing something it has never done before. it is launching its first ever national campaign on advertising. you see, they want to change the way you see them. beth parker explains. h parker >> reporter: giant question marks are appearing on
5:19 am
buildings. they heed here it a gathering place, a washington institution called the smithsonian. >> the smithsonian is all about questions and answers and it is people would bring those questions to life. >> reporter: so the smithsonian is doing something for the first time, a million dollar national advertising campaign in partnership with target. it is designed to reintroduce the world to the smithsonian. when they did research, they found that people all over the country had very fond memories of the smithsonian. maybe it took them back to a family vacation in washington. but the smithsonian wants to be more than just a fond memory. they want people to know there is a whole world here. >> we love being part of that once in a lifetime trip, that pilgrimmable to washington. what we also found is that people had veryling understanding of the other things that we do and that we could be doing more to help people understand how we can be relevant to their daily lives. >> reporter: there are first lady dresses, civil rights
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landmark and even new democratic party friendly frogs. >> we operate space telescopes for nasa. we are on the cutting edge of discovering new black holes, of understand the basis for dark matter, discover is new planets. >> reporter: whether you are a kindergartener or a ph dmplet candidate, they hope you'll find something at a new web site. -- or a ph.d. candidate, they hope you'll find something at a new web site. >> it is integrated with the way they live every day. >> they hope you will agree that it is seriously amazing. >> one of the big attractions is going away for a short time. dorothy's ruby slippers, the ones that actress judy garland wore in the wizard of oz. they are being loaned to the albert museum in london. london officials have been northing for four years. they will be included in the hollywood costume exhibit. the slippers will head to
5:21 am
london in the next two weeks. but they will be back on display at the smithsonian by thanksgiving. those are one ever my favorite things to see there. >> i wonder how they transport those and get them back. can you imagine? >> high level security and everything. >> very interesting. let's talk about movies now. a new action drama at the theaters this weekend. it is called taken two. >> up next, actor liam neeson sat down with movie reviewer kevin mccarthy. we'll hear what he had to say. 
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liam neeson plays a man who wants gun has to save a loved one in the new movie, taken two. >> kevin mccarthy talked to the actor about what untense roles is a played. >> you have this relentless pursuit. you will do anything you possibly can to save your family. i think it is amazing to watch that action on camera. if you could go back and look at the characters you've played, if two of your characters were taken, which one would you save and do anything for and which one would you say i don't care about him. >> i would love to go back and save michael collins.
5:25 am
and certainly oscar schindler. yeah, that's maybe about it. >> the other ones you would go -- >> the jedi master, he could look after himself. >> this is all about change and how you've never changed. as an actor, look back over your career in your first performance to now, what is the one aspect of your acting that has never changed. >> i try and do what james cagney once said to a novice actress. he said you walk in the room, you plant your feet and you speak the truth. so i try and follow that dictum as much as possible that whatever the lines are that these writers have written, that when i speak them, i want audiences to believe the word that come out of my mouth. that is all i try and do. >> the particular set of skills that this character has, they are incredible. i wish i could do some of the things that brian mills does. in your daily -- is there
5:26 am
something in your daily life, is there something where you say i wish i was brian at this moment. >> i would like to be 30 again for a start. no, he does certain sets of skills. i mean, i am a pacifist. i am not interested in guns and all that soft stuff. but i do admire his planning ability. i would love to be able to have that. he is always two, three steps ahead and always plans and counter plans in case that plan doesn't work. he has a fall-back plan. i know a couple of guys who do that sort of stuff and ill -- i would love to be able to do t i tend to sort of live from moment to moment. people like brian don't. they have to be way ahead of the game. >> and kef enjoins us in studio in the next hour with his -- kevin joins us in studio in the
5:27 am
next hour with his reviews of this movie. we are following major breaking news from israel. >> an american opens fire inside a hotel. we'll have the latest for you. >> we are checking weather and traffic also. we'll be right back. and then, at four years old, the sports started, and he never stopped. once he started, he never stopped. ♪ ♪ to be told that your son probably would have to stop playing sports forever, was just heartbreaking. we make medical devices that enable physicians to make an accurate assessment of the patient's condition and potentially save their lives. [ darius' mother ] with monitoring, he is allowed to play baseball.
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because of the test that he had, he's here today. now darius can live a long healthy life. [ team cheering ]
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welcome back. coming up on 5:30 right now.
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women right there and traffic moving along pretty well. going to be a pretty nice start to the day. a fall day and then it will warm up i guess a little bit. is it a warm-up today? >> yeah, a big warm-up. >> is it going down. >> this is my seventh weather forecast already this morning. she has no idea. you have to pay closer attention. >> i'm listening. >> i'm going to write it down. let's go. >> wisdom is going to write it down. >> get right to the satellite picture. >> first thing to know. we'll be looking at sunshine today. we have clouds to our south and east and a cold front north and west. that will become a player in our weekend forecast. but until then, today, lots of sunshine with high temperatures near 80. it will be close to a perfect day for us. right now, it is cool. if you were stepping out there,
5:31 am
you would want a jacket. at reagan national, 64. a lot of 50s outside the beltway this morning. places like leonardtown in the mid-50s this morning. notice out towards chicago, it is 46. there is a lot of very cool air pulling off to the north and west. that is going to get in here later saturday, really during the day on sunday and chill these temperatures from low 80s today. our high temperatures by zipped will only be in the mid-50s. >> okay. that's where it is. this weekend. >> today, 81. sunday, mid-50s. >> sunday, mid-50s. >> all right. notes over here. >> you will be quizzed in 12 minutes. >> before we get to traffic, we want to talk about. this we have an alert about water for people in parts of prince george's county. >> if you are in the camp springs area, could you wake up to low or no water pressure because wssc is working on a main near allentown road and it
5:32 am
is taking long are than they expected it would. >> resident are being asked to conserve water. it could take several hours before water service is completely restored. since you guys were taking notes so diligently during tucker's forecast, i want you to pay close attention. we have reports that there is a outhouse southbound on 270 before montgomery village avenue. >> what? did you say outhouse. >> i said outhouse. >> you are from the south. don't you remember that? >> yeah. >> i can't wait to hear this. >> all right. >> southbound 270, before you reach montgomery village avenue, i'm just saying. if you are stuck in traffic, you got to -- you know. that is what we have. southbound along 270. coming out of german up two, delaws are starting to build so heads up headed southbound at 124. if you are traveling in virginia, 395 open for business. glebe road still tied up
5:33 am
between joyce and hay street because of an overnight incident that knocked down a utility pole. there are wires in the process of being restrung. southbound still blocked off between joyce and haze. they hope to have the lanes open by 6:00 a.m. northbound most likely will not be reopened until lunchtime today. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. on-timetraffic. major update to the news coming out of israel. a man who opened fire has himself been killed. the initial shooting and to stem from a perm dispute. the gunman was an american injure issue man in his 20s who was in israel on an exchange program. he had reportedly once worked at the hotel. person he tiled was a fellow
5:34 am
flowee who police say he had argued with before. -- the person he killed was a fellow flow i blow. >> who -- was a fellow employee who police say he had argued with before. it is very important for your listening audience to know that this meningitis is not transmissible person to person. >> you have to worry about even other medications that were prepared by this same pharmacy. >> now, if you think there is a chance you could be infect, here us what need to look out. for the symptoms include
5:35 am
dizziness, fever, nausea, slurred speech. william jahi develo abruptly resigned last night. he worked for d.c.'s chief financial officer and headed the office of integrity and oversight. he says he did not want to work there anymore and did not like the direct the agency was going. police in fairfax county say there is a serial fondler on the loose. he has approached at least five women in the springfield area too. that is where sherry ly is with the latest. >> reporter: the number of cases has continued to grow. a fifth victim came forward after police released information on this case. she says she is groped by astranger here in this neighborhood on hibling avenue, the same place another woman says she was fondled three days ago. police have now released a sketch of a suspect, a man described in his 30s with dark
5:36 am
eyes and a feetly trimmed beard. the victims say he usually approaches from behind. he doesn't say anything when he suddenly grabs and fondels them before running away. -- fondles them before running away. neighbors in the area are alarmed and on the lookout. >> it is disgusting. i would put a stop to it myself. i've heard other people say that. >> reporter: the suspect doesn't seem to have any type of pattern as to when he strikes. these cases have happened in the morning, midday and at night. police believe that, given the number of victims who have come forward so far, there may be even more. that is the latest here in springfield. back to you. >> thank you for that report. it is being called one of
5:37 am
the largest medicare fraud cases in history. coming up next, details of a major bust. today marks one year since the death of steve jobs. does the company he founded so any signs of slowing down? we'll check more headlines coming up. >> first, a check of the markets. investors around the globe will be paying attention to today's u.s. jobs report. there are some predictions the unemployment rate could go up to 8.2% from 8.1. u.s. stocks were up thursday ahead of the report. the dow picked up 81 points. the nasdaq rose 14. today in japan, the nikkei rose 39. it is now 5:37. we'll be back. we david smallwood: maryland money needs to stay in maryland. it's just that simple, i mean, it's a no brainer. anncr: every year marylanders spend five hundred and fifty... million at casinos in west virginia, delaware... and pennsylvania. one west virginia paper calls it a "cash cow" for them. but its cost maryland over one billion dollars.
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south a huge medicare fraud bust making headline this morning. the feds arrested 91 people, some of them doctors and nurses. they are charged with trying to steal $430 million from the government by filling out false billing reports. the federal strike force targeted medicare schemes in louisiana, new york, chicago, dallas, and miami. former apple ceo steve jobs died one year ago today. his tech company is still going strong. some worried about the future of apple including its other cofounder steve wozniak. but the company stock is up about 80% since this time last year. apple has become the most
5:41 am
valuable company of all time. just last month, preorders of its latest device surpassed two million in just 24 hours. they are doing just fine. how many friends do you have on facebook? probably about five or six, 20, 30. >> you are if the social networking site itself, you have one billion. >> founder mark zuckerberg made the announcement yesterday. >> the one billion friends aren't translating into money quite yet. >> not in the stock. no, not driving the stock price up. what do james bond and the beatle have in common? we'll find out next. we've got a check of your weather and traffic. stay with us. stay with us. you're on timeout leo!
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some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will. save up to 15% on an ikea kitchen.
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some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will. save up to 15% on an ikea kitchen. my name is bond, james bond. my instructions were explicit. i was to leave for jamaica in two hours, licensed to kill.
5:45 am
>> it was 50 years ago that the first james bond movie was released. it was dr. no shot on location in jamaica and starring sean connery as the iconic spy. next month, the 23rd official bond film called sky fall will hit the theaters. it has only been 23. seems like it's been more than that. i i love those movies. >> sean connery was the best bond ever. >> he was. to the beatles now. another 50th anniversary. it was on this day 1962 that the beatles first single love me do was released. it eventually reached number 17 on the charts. big day today. >> i bet you they had no idea how big they were going to be. >> not at this point. >> you know tony perkins is with us. >> tony probably hasn't slept
5:46 am
in days. >> probably right. >> he's going to have this in his head. beatle is always going constantly. i think there is a record still creaking away out there. >> there is nothing you can stump him on beatle related. >> maybe we should try. >> i've never succeeded. >> we'll try that later on today. >> let's do it. >> much cooler than we've been the last couple of mornings. i know we're cool at the moment but with less humidity and lots of sunshine, get ready for enjoy high temperature back in the low 80s. it will be the kind of 80s we look forward to unlike the last couple of days when we had a lot of humidity around. 64 in washington. 54 in gaithersburg. you can see we're starting to cool off in spots. culpeper, 52 degrees for you. 59 in one chester. so temperatures -- leonardtown, 54 degrees. temperatures falling back here. lots of sunshine to start your day. lots of sunshine later this
5:47 am
afternoon and again, a rather dry atmosphere. it will feel a lot better. our front from yesterday fading to the south and east down along the outer banks. still a lot of leftover clouds. a mostly sunny day today. we are not expecting any rain showers today. as we get into tomorrow, that cold front will get in here and late tomorrow afternoon, that could bring us a few showers along with much cool are air that will surge in on a northwest wind. overnight saturday and during the day on sunday and after enjoying highs in the 80s today, we're only going to be in the 50s, mid-50s for the day on sunday with clouds and rain showers around. get ready for much cooler air. futurecast, put it in motion for you. there we are at 6:00 tonight. you can see great looking afternoon. should be a beautiful afternoon. here we are. want to mention tomorrow at 4:00 in the afternoon, a couple of showers around later tomorrow afternoon and then tomorrow night, with that front hanging out across the area, we
5:48 am
can get an area of low pressure dropping. that will bring us some clouds and showers for the day on sunday. today, beautiful. less humidity than yesterday. clearing skies, cool overnight, 62 degrees. here is your accu-weather seven- day forecast. pay close attention. sarah, here is your seven-day forecast. 81 today. 76 tomorrow. 50s with rain showers around here on sunday. so much cooler and mop's daytime high not a whole lot better. just 60 degrees -- and monday's daytime high not a whole lot better. let's get the latest from julie on what is happen with the outhouse. >> we took the crew of sky fox to check that out for us. somebody has got to do it. they are anot quite there yet. hopefully by the end of this report, they will be there. some good news. a portion of glebe road has been reopened between joyce and hay street. it has been reopened on the southbound side of the highway.
5:49 am
northbound still blocked off due to a utility pole knocked down with some wires. they hope to have that open by noon. bristow road north of 234, we do have reports of accident activity. this happens to be the outer loop of the beltway leaving college park. all lanes open, no problems to report on the inner or outer loop traveling between silver spring and college park. you will find inbound on 50, no problems to report. i don't think sky fox is over the scene yet. it is southbound 270 where we do have reports of a porta- potty. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you very much. now, the nats await their play offopponents, the redskins are gearing up. >> undefeated atlanta falcons coming to town. how do you stop all those weapons?
5:50 am
dave ross is here with sports breakfast coming up.  ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing a look twice. introducing a stunning work of technology -- the entirely new lexus es. and the first-ever es hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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all right. guess who is here. >> dave ross. we need a little breakfast. >> big game this weekend because we know the redskins are 2-2. in comes up defeated atlanta falcons at 4-0. rg iii is the second highest rated quarterback in the nfc. who is the number --
5:53 am
>> matt ryan. >> matt ryan is right. >> you gave it to me. >> it was in the prompter. >> somebody probably said it in your ear. the guy they call mattie ice is the highest rated quarterback in the nfc. are you sold on him yet? >> no. >> why not? >> i got straight answers today. it's four weeks into the soap. >> he is maying out of his mind. he has weapons on the outside like julio jones down by the school yard. they got michael running the rock. >> it is four weeks into the season. >> you might not be sold but i think jim haslet is. take a listen i don't they got hottest quarterback in the league, really good running back and two receives are that i don't know -- these two are really good. they are explosive guys and they can make the catches. they're big bodies. they got maybe the greatest all-
5:54 am
time tightened that ever played. it's great challenge. we've played some pretty good offenses. good thing it is at home. hope we have hour fans behind us and that will help us out. >> fact check time. >> great offensive, st. louis rams, wrong. >> tony gonzalez, one of the greatest tight end of all time. >> you got one right. >> guys on the outside. michael turner. you just doing a whole lot of writing there. i don't know what he's doing. had thursday night deal, every week. >> i would if i could watch it. >> another team imanticipate sure you don't like, the arizona cardinals were 4-0. they came into st. louis last night and we saw what happened when the redskins went to st. louis. they got beat down. sam bradford going up top here at 52 yards. touchdown. rams up 17-3. kevin cobb, well,
5:55 am
nine sacks. i don't remember ferris being sick nine times. jeff fisher has changed the culture over there. the mustache is getting it done. arizona is 4-1. i don't know that i'm sold on the car naldz. st. louis at 3-# might be a team. -- i don't know this i'm sold on the cardinals. st. louis at 3-2 might albright team. big day for the orioles. hit it. & orioles magic &&. >> they have the one-game playoff tonight down there in texas. winner take all scenario. this is the way it moves in the playoffs. >> is that my guy manny machado running around the bases. >> it is. i wanted to show you. the rangers looked like they would be ate lock to win the a.l. west and they collapsed down the stretch. they found themselves in this one-game playoff. the orioles have been hot all
5:56 am
year and certainly hot even towards the end of the year. who is to say the orioles aren't the hotter team although it is in texas. >> texas is going home. orioles magic. >> nats are waiting to find out who they will play on sunday. either way. the good news is st. louis and atlanta are throwing their aces today. the glass half full. >> etch is keeping an eye on crucial numbers ahead of the election. those numbers are coming out this horng. we are not talking about a new poll. that is straight ahead at 6:00. >> first game. facebook fan. day. we say hello to kisha mason. she looks forward to the daily segment because it is her cue that the work day is over. enjoy the weekend. >> for your chance to be
5:57 am
monday's fan of the day, log onto our facebook opinion and leave a comment under her picture -- our facebook page and leave a comment under her picture. picture. [ male announcer ] who will raise taxes on the middle class? according to an independent, non-partisan study, barack obama and the liberals will raise taxes on the middle class by $4,000. the same organization says the plan from mitt romney and common sense conservatives is "not a tax hike on the middle class." want proof? read the non-partisan study for yourself at obama and his liberal allies?
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